Number Three Turns Four!

You guys, we have come to a very important milestone in our family . . . there are no more toddlers living in our house! The youngest, Jules, will be a four year old as of tomorrow morning about 11am.


Julia’s namesake is the late Julia Child, which I think suits her quite perfectly. Much like her predecessor, my Jules is creative, fun, colors outside of the lines literally and figuratively and forges ahead on her own whether you are with her or not. She has often been called my little space cadet, my dreamer and my tactile baby. Or as I call it, messy.

Maybe it it a youngest child trait, but she is incredibly articulate. She does not beg to be the center of attention, but waits quietly for her turn to crawl up in your lap and share her deep thoughts or witty remarks. She loves to be weird and freak you out my bugging out her ginormous eyes or staring at you until you’re uncomfortable.

I thought she might be sad with both her older siblings in elementary school this year . . . not so. She is happy to be the top dog as part of the pre-K class at her daycare. I love my silly, pensive, independent girl. I am VERY interested to see what God has in store for this one!

Happy birthday Julia Goolia!  Mommy loves you!


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