There’s Nothing Single About a Single Mom (Or Dad)

Single. Such an interesting word we use for those of us who are “unattached”. It implies alone, flying solo, an island. One. That doesn’t seem to fit me very well. I mean, alone time is a luxury. I live with three people . . . three short people who often times put their pants on backwards and shoes on the wrong feet – people in training! Since singlemomhood began for me (FOUR years ago, can you guys believe that?!) I have intentionally sought out community and support. I begged God for it, humbled myself and admitted that I most certainly could not “do this on my own.”

So when I hear “I don’t know how you do it!” I smile. I am most assuredly not a super mom. I struggle to keep it all together all the time. My Google calendar reminders are a gift of God!  So, hey . . . here’s how I do it. YOU. You, my friends. You who accepts me into community group and doesn’t marginalize me for not being like nearly everyone else there, married. You, best friend, who is the Jonathan to my David, who journeys with me on this crazy train called “single” parenting and holds me accountable. You, friends who not only accept my kiddos but love them, spend time with them and pour your lives into theirs. You, coworkers who make the days away from my babies fun. You, church who encourage me to recklessly pursue Christ, exhort me, spur me on to good works and never allow me to wallow in pity. You, family who are my rock. You, readers who encourage me to no end to keep doing this year after year. You all and the grace of a God who is always good – that’s how I do it.

No man or woman is an island and yes, it really does take a village. I love cliches, ok?! But seriously, this post is my high five, my fist bump, my slap on the back TO YOU. THANK YOU for just being in our lives.


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