You’re in Like Flynn, Old Man

Ever since Jonah was a wee baby, I’ve never been a big Santa pusher. Without overanalyzing (too much) myself, I think I have harbored a bit of shame that I didn’t grow up undersanding what Christmas was really about. Even as I read that it seems really silly that I would be embarassed about that. I was not a church going kid, why should I expect anything different? I say all that to say that I think my Santa-hatin ways have been due somewhat in part to that underlying embarassement.

Jonah did his Santa believing for a bit, and he still loves the story of it, the magic and the fun. I can’t blame him – I do too. I’ve taught him all about St. Nicholas (who was completely awesome – go to to read more.) We’ve watched the Veggie Tales St. Nicholas story as a family. While I don’t talk a lot about Santa, somehow, my girls are all about it. They’re not sure if he actually leaves gifts from what I can gather; they just think he is a really fun guy.

And speaking of fun guys, I am dating one. This fun guy reminded me that Santa is fun, is a part of our culture and has said in not so many words, “Quit hating!” 

As I explained in my last post, I am going through Ann Voskamp’s Advent Study and in turn, I have been much more intentional than years past about teaching the littles. The girls are starting to embrace the real magic and wonder of Christmas, a baby boy Jesus born to a virgin long ago in Bethlehem, the star, the angels, the shephards. That’s magical and amazing. And that got me to thinking . . . have I been so vehement about a “No Santa” policy because of my own slacking in teaching my kids? Nailed it.

I am my own worst enemy sometimes you guys.

So yeah, guess who’s taking her kids to a pancake breakfast tomorrow morning at a friend’s church to meet Santa? This mom. This will be the girls’ first time to visit with St. Nick. Truth is, I am kind of excited!  I write this as I reflect on my own lesson-learned as an encouragment to really look hard at your dogmatic insistences. Oh, and also to relax.

P.s. Ho, Ho, Ho!  😉


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