The Littlest One

IMG_8020v 1090405_10153135401880648_811994461_o

Three years ago I sat marveling at a tiny pink person with black hair that looked at me with the biggest wondering eyes I had seen in the face of an infant. A child born in adversity whose pregnancy being so healthy and without so much as a hiccup was a miracle in itself. She came a week early, all on her own. My easiest delivery and only 5 oz difference in weight from her big sister, only 17 months older. I admit, I bore her with fear and trembling . . . I was a newly single mom. I was a mess.

Named after Julie Child, my girl’s personality certainly fits her namesake. She’s independent, verbose and creative. My best friend calls her “tactile” which is often just a nice way of saying “so messy it’s insane,” but she really does experience her world by getting her hands in it. Tasting it.

My youngest has the largest eyes of all my brood. She observes and takes a person in before she approaches, but once she’s taken with you, she’s your friend forever. She loves to eat, and I honestly wonder if I destined her to that with her namesake!  For her third birthday, she requested candy and a taco – which is exactly what she got for her birthday dinner.

The littlest one is my parrot, much to the dismay of her brother and sister. She gets into everything . . . literally, everything. Curious doesn’t do this kid justice. She has an incredibly mischievous grin that can make me angry and make me smile simultaneously. My Julia is often in some other world, thinking, pondering, planning . . . I would love to see what tinkering is going on in that mind of hers.


So, sweet baby girl – my third, the youngest child – happy birthday. You’re my littlest, and no longer a baby. It doesn’t seem possible that so much time has passed since I found out you were coming into the world. I feel as if these past three years I have watched us both grow up together. I’m as a different a person today as you are, my sweet girl. I cannot wait to see how you color this world with your infectious smiles, your creativity and your joy.

Here’s to many years more!




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