It’s been a month today since I lost a friend and others lost their love, a best friend, a bandmate . . . my friend Scott, lost his son, but not his eternal perspective. I’m proud to share his latest post. Be inspired to know Christ and the power of His resurrection. Blessings!!

Pastor Raines's Blog

One month ago today, I awakened to every parent’s worst nightmare. My sweet, precious child had died.

The many nights that I lay awake wondering if my boy was ok, what he was doing, and when he would be home, the constant running thoughts for my life which always included a “Brandon factor”, the shared dreams of his happy success and fulfillment, all came crashing down into this new beginning of reality marked by my dogs barking at someone on the front porch at 3:00 am.

The second I woke up, I knew he was gone. There had been many other knocks at the door at that time, and it was usually Brandon, having taken a taxi to, or sometimes walking miles to my house, to find peace, safety, love and shelter for the night, to get away from, or find peace with, something that had happened in his relationships…

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