I’m certain that before I became a runner, I thought runners were a bit off. I mean who in the world likes exercise THAT much? It’s just one foot in front of the other right? It’s just moving in a general direction isn’t it? Yes, and no. Okay, mostly no. 😉

A few reasons why I run:

I run to worship my Creator.

My favorite runs are early morning ones. It’s nice and cool outside. Most of the world is still asleep. I lace up my running shoes, tuck in my laces, set my Ipod playlist to my “WorshipRun” mix and go. I love the freedom of just being able to run, to explore, to move forward. I admit, it feels sort of how I think we all wish life always was – forward moving in a good way, accomplishing, freeing.

I save my dub step and dance tracks for my short weekly runs. Long runs are for worship. I have an entire hour where God has me totally captive. I breathe in, I breathe out . . . I pray. I mull over the words in the songs flowing through my headphones. And yeah, you might catch me dancing on the praise songs; I just can’t help myself. It’s always amazing to me the truths God shows to me through these long runs whether its the provision of a random water stop or finding a thousand more gifts to be thankful for, I anticipate it all week long.

I run for the sport of it.

I have found the races to be addictive. I love the energy of race, whether large or small. All the races I have been to are full of people of every age, size and shape. Think all runners are skinny minnies or hairless dudes with chiseled abs?  Think again. They’re young, they’re old, they’re thin, they’re not as thin, they’re short, they’re tall – no two are alike. I never care about the medals or the prizes; I know I am not fast enough for that, but I find my prize in crossing the finish line, setting a new PR and watching all the other runners. I love how when runners finish a race, they begin to recover and then immediately start cheering on the others crossing the finish. I have never met so many encouraging folks in all my life. I love the music, the  smiles, the sweat, the cheering, the clock and yeah, the post-run snacks. Every race is another chance to show what your training is doing for you and to prove to yourself that you are indeed a runner and a dang good one.

I run for fun.

I love to sweat . . . I know. Strange. But after so many years of being inactive and just plain lazy, I can never ever take for granted the feeling of sweating, of moving, of being alive. I love running through sprinklers, bouncing through catchy dance songs, dancing while waiting at crosswalks (this gets lots of funny looks!), sprinting downhill, taking on a huge hill and killing it and with every mile added saying to myself, “holy cow, I did it!”

I run for me.

Of all the exercise I have done to help me lose the weight and maintain my weight loss, running is by far the best. It burns calories like nobody’s business, gives me a reason to eat more carbs and changes the actual shape of your body. Folks, it’s a beautiful thing.

In the future, be on the lookout for more #WhyWeRun posts. The wonderful gals in my Facebook group Run Baby Run – Get up and Let’s Go were so kind to share their thoughts with me on running that I cannot wait to share with you.


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