Hooray for Julias!

I am kind of a big fan of Julia Child. While pregnant with my youngest the movie Julie & Julia came out and I read Julia Child’s Biography My Life in France of which most of the Julia Child content of the movie was based on. At a time when I was very vulnerable and insecure, Julia wasn’t. Meryl Streep’s portrayal of her is absolutely delightful and drove me to read the book from which her character was based on. And I wished I could have met this wonderful woman, to sit at her table and laugh at her jokes and be amazed at her way with food. I think she and I would have been great friends. Julia had one (okay, one of many) great qualities – she was real. Always herself. She refused to be anyone but Julia.

And so, as I looked down that summer at my great swollen belly and wondered about this child growing in there who would be born to a single mom, what would I name her? Names are very important things. I think a name is something that should be grown into and at the same time perhaps express a parents’ hopes for that child. So only one name stood out to me that summer Julia. I knew then that my baby girl being born into a single parent household meant that her formative years would not be like that of her siblings. I realized that statistics were against her. She needed a strong name to reflect the strong girl I prayed, and still pray, she would become.

Julia Child would have been 100 today. In a week my Julia will be 2. Like her namesake, my Jules marches to the beat of her own drum. She is vivacious and a little bit (or some would argue, a lot) wild. She loves to laugh and MAN does she love food, particularly bananas. My Jules already proves to be quite the little free-spirit with her enormous hazel-green eyes and infectious smile. I love her more than the air I breathe.

Lord, thank you for this precious gift who puts me through the paces and keeps me on my toes all the while making me fall in love again and again. My sweet little surprise, my diamond in the rough, my jewel of Faith. Julia Faith





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