The Dog Days are Over

Several weeks ago I added a new song to my running playlist. A song I wasn’t so sure about. I usually stick to the super loud metal and heavy dance beats, but this one had a strumming guitar, more of a funky jazz drum and this girl with an ethereal voice. The lyrics – they haunted me, grabbed me and made me RUN. I still cannot thank my friend Amber enough for this gem –

The Dog Days are Over – Florence + the Machine

I get this song on so many levels. It just fits  my life. There have been a lot of long dog days, months even. I’ve hidden. I’ve tried to distract myself from things I’ve needed to deal with and move past. I’ve repeated mistakes over and over and tried to fix things broken beyond repair. And I just got tired. Don’t you ever get tired of struggling when you know the answer is just to give it up and over to the One who can handle it?

I know I’ve posted this verse before (maybe a hundred times) but it never fails to pop into my head:

Galatians 5:7 “You were running well; who hindered you from obeying the truth?”

Whatever, whomever it is . . . sometimes you have to drop it and keep running. Running after the only source of joy – the kind that hits you like a bullet in the back.

So I’m going to keep running literally and figuratively. I did something today that might make me certifiably crazy; I registered to RUN a half-marathon. I’m scared and crazy excited. To do this well, I will need discipline, heart and determination. I plan to start my official training schedule next month with the race in November, and I’ll be documenting it all right here.

Also, I figure it’s high time for a weight update. As of my last weigh in I was 3 lbs from my goal of losing 60 lbs!  Thank you friends for your amazing support!


Joys for June and July

#498 Happy worn out feeling from swimming

#482 Cicadas – distinctly summer sound

#493 Smell of sunscreen

#501 The Color Run

#505 Smell of leather cowgirl boots

#503 Copperhead Road and all the other ridiculously fun line dances

#520 My sweet twenty-something friends who make me laugh and feel like a twenty-something again

#477 Strawberry salad




2 thoughts on “The Dog Days are Over

  1. One of my relatively new favs! We used it in recital last year & I recently put it on my iPod. Inspiring…catchy…encouraging…like you. So, so proud of you!

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