Please Don’t Stop the Music

If any of you follow me on Twitter (@CrystalZwith3) I lost my Ipod Nano last week. This was the second time to misplace it in a couple of months. It’s tiny. It hides in purses and apparently when on my armband gets tangled in the velcro on my gym bag. Sigh. It’s been suggested that I surgically attach it my arm. Why is it such a big deal? I love music. I mean LOVE music. If you’ve known me long you also know that I love to dance, and music is also a huge part of my running routine.

With all that said, I thought I would share some of my favorite running tunes (great for cleaning/weights.. any workout really). I admit in the beginning of my fitness journey I worked out to some less than appropriate music. I have to be real – I didn’t feel good about it, and it didn’t seem to be doing anything for my workouts. For a good take on this subject, see this article by Jon Acuff. Like Jon, I couldn’t ignore the messages I was putting into my mind and heart no matter how awesome the beat felt. So I challenged myself to find positive music to run/exercise to. Let me say that it never fails that if you seek to honor God in everything you do, even with the music you run to, get ready for Him to blow your mind! I didn’t just find some okay music to run to, I found amazing music that focuses my mind, makes me smile and gets me moving when I’m facing a giant incline and jello legs. And away we go!

1. Movin’ – Group One Crew

2. Get Your Back off the Wall – Family Force Five

3. Unbreakable – Fireflight

4. Awake and Alive – Skillet

5. Ready to Run – The Dixie Chicks

6. Good Morning – Mandisa featuring Toby Mac

7. Monster – Skillet

8. Do Not – John Reuben

9. We Won’t Give Up – The Afters

10. Dog Days are Over – Florence + the Machine (Thank you Amber N!)

11. Love Addict – Family Force Five

12. Savior – Skillet

13. *New Fav!* Wobble – Family Force Five

14. Hero – Skillet

15. U Can’t Touch This – Mc Hammer

16. Remedy – Rachel Lampa

Go forth and get your groove on! 


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