Lift Your Head

Isn’t it funny how we seem to move through huge milestones in life with people? I remember when most of my friends and I began college, a period of marriages, first babies, second babies . . . and sadly for some of us, really hard stuff too like divorce, loss, joblessness . . . And now for myself and many, many of you sweet friends –  it’s health. Not fad diets and the next best work-out crazes. No. Good old-fashioned hard work, lifestyle change, sweat, blood and tears.  (I lay special claim to the tears! ha!)

It is SO exciting to see so many friends getting out there and getting it done. I am encouraged to see friends starting C25K, dropping weight, dropping yucky food and feeling good. Our bodies are temples; I realize now that we ought to treat them that way. Although it’s fun to fit into smaller jeans and watch numbers drop on the scale, that’s not what it’s about. We get ONE body. ONE. Why not honor God with it? It took me a long time to realize I was wasting a lot of years by treating mine like trash.

Not only that, we talk all the time about how for most of us who live in the U.S, it’s all about consuming. All about getting. Let’s be responsible with what we purchase and eat by only getting what we need, not comforting ourselves with loads of food. Let’s tackle the loneliness and the heartache with God’s word, friendship and encouragement rather than with sweets. If I am mushing your toes, forgive me. I can only say these things because I HAVE BEEN THERE.

And I wasn’t happy there. It was a bad place for me that I stayed in for a long time. So, to all my friends who are struggling . . . I love you. I pray for you to be strengthened, to lift up your head to the God who sees you. Every day is a choice. Choose to keep going. It will be worth it; I promise. I am cheering you on!

Update on my journey:

As of 3/25/2012  –38 lbs total loss

12 lbs to my 2nd goal of -50lbs

22 lbs to my 3rd goal of -60lbs



6 thoughts on “Lift Your Head

  1. That’s awesome girl!! Keep up the good work!! I am down 9 pounds and have 19 more to go!! We shall keep pushing!!

  2. Inspirational! I’ve seen this woman sweat and go on like no other personally. She’s a trooper and truly makes me want to get out there and work harder.

    I like how you bring in the spiritual, our bodies our temples and more importantly we should honor God in this way also.

    Nice way to look at things!

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