In a few short weeks my middle child, my baby girl Lyla, will turn 3 years old. This little minx who was once a chubby-cheeked, grubby toddler with wispy hair is now a long-legged, hazel-eyed beauty with a mane of chestnut hair falling down her back. I am always in awe of this growing up process.

I watch her and laugh with love as she dances in the living room, closing her eyes with a wild grin on her face, shaking her little hips and pretending to snap her fingers. She is joy.

In honor of the third anniversary of Miss Lyla’s entrance into this world,  I dedicate this portion of my 1000 Gifts:

180. Her leg hugs and elbow kisses – she loves from her level

181. Brushing and braiding her hair

182. Lyla’s belly laughs and fits of uncontrollable giggles

183. When she insists, “Let’s Dance Mama!”

184. She watches me apply makeup in the morning, always asking for a little blush on the cheeks and gloss on her lips. So girly.

185. Her little “Meg Ryan” walk

186. She ALWAYS plays hard.

187. Her bedtime request each and every night, “Pat me mama.”

Lyla, you are my sunshine, sweet girl. You bring so much laughter into our home. I love your little-girl confidence, your sass and the light in your eyes. I look forward to seeing the amazing woman God means for you to become!




7 thoughts on “Three

  1. Awwwww….I love this and that crazy rotten girl. That you foot Kiss? That you food kiss? You hungy Kiss? Growing up to fast. Good thing you produced a mini-Lyla.

    1. I love her hilarious questions! And thank you for being such a HUGE part of our lives. Lyla”wuvs” her Miss Kiss. 😉

  2. It’s a pleasure to know this DM(you know what this means). She is a pure joy. Can’t wait to play another straight 20 minutes of No, you are silly! haha.

    It’s great how you see your children, an example for sure.

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