Jam on It

In the glory days of yesteryear (college 😉 ) I attended my share of concerts and gigs. No venue too far, no volume too loud, no night too late  . . . I was young(er) and living it up.

Living it up is a little harder at 32 than it was at 22. 😛

Last weekend I ventured out with the fantastic Mr. Matt  to Winterjam in OKC.  Neither of us had ever been, and WOW. What an amazing show it was!  Go here for Matt’s take on it. We froze, met up with some friends I have not seen in ages, got our faces (nearly literally) melted off and worshiped God with several thousand other believers.  Good times!

So, when we realized that the show would be in Oklahoma again the following weekend, in Tulsa,  we jumped at the chance to go again. However, we would be prepared this time. I’ve seen several Winterjam survival guides, but I have a few items of my own to add for a successful Winterjam-out.

1. Check the weather and be prepared. If you want good seats you have to wait. And wait you shall. Outside. For an hour, or two or in yesterday’s case, nearly 3.  And since you’re waiting outside, dress comfortably. T-shirt, hoodies, tennis shoes – good. Dresses, six-inch heels, tuxedos – bad

2. Food – be prepared. We ate lunch right before heading over to the BOK Center in Tulsa, but I also came prepared. Guys, if you are going with a gal – make sure she brings the BIG PURSE.  In my case, meet Mary . .. as in the Mary Poppins purse. She holds it all . . . lip gloss, phone, Kleenex, sunglasses, FOOD, money, camera, my Nook . . . possibly a living room suite – you get the idea.

3. Make line buddies.  We met up with four 20-somethings from Broken-Arrow, Audrey, Jessica, Caleb and Justine. We spent about an hour and a half getting to know this fabulous little group before spilling into the BOK center and running (or rather I was pulled along) for seats. By serendipity we ended up sitting with our line buddies!  Yay!  They provided fun conversation, dancing/jumping buddies and seat savers for bathroom breaks, and in return I provided them with snacks from my stash.

Although this was the same lineup of artists, same songs . . . it was different!  Hate to say it, but the Tulsa crowd was a little crazier (in a good way!) and LOUDER.  I am partially deaf now. Glad I bothered to learn sign language while I was in college. Ha ha. But seriously, when we weren’t rocking out, we were worshiping. He surely does inhabit the praises of His people. (Psalms 22:3)

Today, I am a sad tired woman in need of a nap and wishing I had used ear plugs . . . but totally worth it!  This show will be a yearly adventure for sure!


3 thoughts on “Jam on It

  1. Ah yes, the college years. I miss them-sometimes. Great blog. Jealous of your 2nd winter jam trip but I’m definitely to old to do it two weekends in a row. Love you friend!

  2. Good times were had by all! I’m still a little hard of hearing or should I say constant ringing of the ears. Totally worth it!

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