Why Blog?

I’ve been reading some new blogs (which I will share below) and it got me thinking about why I blog in the first place. Why does anyone? Are we all just obnoxious sanguines with a flair for the written word who must have the first and last say? Oh wait, that’s me.  :/

The blog is a really interesting thing because a person can, through a few key strokes, share their opinion, belief, hope, issue, whatever – with literally the whole world. Wow, now there’s some perspective for you. Makes me and my little piece of web feel so very small and kind of intimidated.

A little background: According to Wikipedia blogs emerged in the late 1990s with the term “blog” coined in 1999. By 2oo4, blogging really began to rise in popularity and by this time last year, there were some 156 million public blogs in existence. Cripes. That’s a whole lotta blogging!

Personally, I began mine in 2007. I had just moved back to Oklahoma from Tennessee. I was writing for an advertising publication out of Nashville still and staying home with Jonah. I had not really made any friends here just yet. In truth, I was terribly homesick for Tennessee. I needed to reach out. Tell SOMEONE how I was feeling. And in the beginning, that’s really all that it was. I pounded out my thoughts onto that keyboard just as if I were chatting with an old friend. I know it sounds dumb, but for a time, that blog seemed like my only link to a world of loved ones that I could not reach out and touch.

Over the years, I stuck with it, and slowly, it evolved into this. Something I am actually proud of. A vehicle of encouragement and hope to friends and strangers alike. A way to share my faith with anyone who is willing to read it. A way to say to you all, “Life is devastatingly hard and unfair, but God, oh my Lord, He is so good. His blood speaks a better word. His grace, sufficient.”

And with that said, enough yammering from me. I want to share a few new blogs I am reading with you. Some are new to the blogging world, some have been at it awhile like I have. At any rate, give them a read and some support!

Happy blogging!

Pieces of Me – Personal blog of long time friend Rose. Rose and I went to school together in Austin. I’m pretty sure she is one of the only believers I knew then and maybe my first exposure to the gospel. She’s a great girl, wonderful mama and wife and shares candidly about her fitness/faith journey.

Think Godly – Personal blog of also long time friend Matt. A reawakening of faith led Matt to start blogging and tweeting (@matthewreborn) about whatever God is laying on his heart and mind, encouragement, scripture, etc. It’s fresh, concise and without pretense. Enjoy!

JenHatmaker.com – Jen is a transplanted Okie Austinite. She is a woman on fire. Full of passion, wit, humor, courage and Jesus. She challenges our cultural norms and challenges us to live lives fully and radically devoted to Christ and in turn devoted to the poor, the marginalized, the orphans and the hurting. If you want a spiritual butt-kicking combined with a laugh, happy reading. 🙂


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