So Long, Farewell . . .

December’s half over. Seriously. I know, I was also shocked to realize this. And it’s such a lovely month too. 2011 will be done in a mere 16 days. I am really, really  looking forward to a new year. 2011 was not bad. It’s been bittersweet and crazy, and I admit that I am hoping for a bit calmer 2012.

As we make the march towards a whole new year, I have decided to take Jon Acuff’s sagely advice and take a bloggie break. As in, no new content, BUT yes, there will still be some content to enjoy.

For today, I bring you 5 favorite blog posts of 2011. It seems that lists are all the rage for blogs these days, and I say heck, if you can’t think of anything else to write, join em!  Without further adieu . . .

1. Sneaking out of Church Early by Jon Acuff on Stuff Christians Like.  “If you’re able to exit the service like a sleek jungle cat through palm fronds or a coyote sneaking up on a chicken (if you prefer Grand Canyon similes instead of Tropic of Capricorn similes,) I can respect that. When I open my eyes after praying and all I see is a dust outline of you, like in the Road Runner cartoons, I’ll shake my head and simply say to myself, “Well played sir. Well played indeed.”

2. I love The Pioneer Woman. I tried to pick one favorite post, but it was too hard. Instead, I give you her most recent post which includes wonderful new . . . a NEW COOKBOOK!  My thighs do not thank you Mrs. Drummond.

3. A friend told me about a little book called One Thousand Gifts (which I DO intend to read soon!) but I have become a big fan of the author’s blog – A Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp. She’s wordy, which I like, paints amazing word pictures and cuts you to the bone. Not many blogs have brought on the water works, but this one has. This post is from last week . . . God’s word is alive and active.

4. After the Airport by Jen Hatmaker – fellow Austinite, awesome Bible study writer/speaker and real person who is who she is. This post resonated with me because while I have not had the heart-wrenching experience of going through not one but two  international adoptions and then living to tell about it, I have gone through some unbelievable circumstances and have lived to tell about it, and to remind those suffering that there is an after. 

5. As a mother to two little girls who are already getting into the princess thang, this was funny and relevant! Positive Princesses? Perhaps.





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