Bieber Christmas

There is nothing like childhood friendships. I have so many I think back on, those friends that I wanted to spend every waking moment with. Friends I giggled with into the wee hours of the morning or until someone’s mom yelled, “Go to bed, and I mean it,” for the last time. The friends you just knew had to be a long lost sibling or cousin. The friends that you knew you really would be friends with forever.

My son already has a couple of friends like that and one just happens to be the daughter of one of my best friends. Miss K is the grape jelly to Jonah’s peanut butter, the marshmallow to his cocoa. They are two crazy peas in a pod. She is the little sister to two big brothers while Jonah is the big brother to two little sisters. And they both have the coolest, most awesome, er… strangest, tired yet loving moms two kids could have. 😉  It’s not a wonder they get along so well.

This summer was a rough one for these friends. K’s mom and her family had to move away for a bit, and the kids weren’t able to see each other much. In fact, according to K they had not seen one another in “years, or 70 weeks, or something.”  Jonah concurred. Kris corrected, “No, not quite. Try 2 months. Just two. Six weeks.”  Well I guess to a kid of 7 or 8, 2 months might feel like years, or 70 weeks or something.

So today was a big day as Kris and her family moved back to town last week and today was finally reunion day! Before Kris and K came over I ventured out with my herd to acquire a Christmas tree. I admit that my tree from last year, may it rest in pieces, was a Charlie Brown tree. While it was appropriate then and sadly sort of fit where I was . . . not this year. This year we were going to get a good tree. And thank you Lowes for providing just such a tree for the low, low price of $48. I know it’s sort of tacky to talk about how much my fakey tree cost. but a deal is a deal folks!  After our 5 minutes in Lowes I decided to brave Super Target. Which as it turns out, was pretty super for Black Friday.  All you crazy (dedicated) people were long ago home and asleep by then.

While perusing the Christmas aisles, Jonah declared that he had found the perfect ornament for his BFF, K. You cannot imagine my shock to see the ornament he was holding, a purple, glittery orb wearing the face of none other than Jonah’s nemesis, Justin Bieber. Jonah actually held the ornament away from him with a pained expression on his face as if the thing were literally sucking the life out of him. What I would have given to go back and whip my phone out. It was a total Kodak moment. I said to him, “Are you sure, buddy? You really dislike Justin Bieber.” Jonah nodded, resolved. “Yes mommy. She loves him. She will think this ornament is the best.”

Now if that isn’t real friendship, I don’t know what is!  Merry Christmas friends!


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