The Eyes Have It!

Lyla's Winning Photo

I have always worn glasses. Literally. I donned my first pair of plastic spectacles when I was a mere 17 months old due to a an eye turn, and here I am 31 years later not only still wearing glasses (and very cute ones, might I add) but also working for an eye doctor!

Here I am with my teensy glasses!

I felt like I was especially blessed when each of my children were born with big hazel eyes flocked by thick, black lashes . .. and I feel even more blessed that they have good vision.

As I was working on my office’s Facebook page a few months ago I came upon the page for an organization called Prevent Blindness America – a great organization that strives to educate the public on eye safety and wellness. Prevent Blindness was having a Most Beautiful Eyes contest, and on a whim, I entered Lyla’s photo that I tagged “Lyla’s Stare.” You see, when we had these pictures taken this past summer she was going through what can only be described as a “no smiling phase.”  As our friend Jeff tried to coax her into a smile she just stared at him in defiance, resulting in that beautiful picture.

Long story short, thanks to the many votes from family, friends and strangers, Lyla won for Oklahoma and proceeded onto the next round of judging.  You could have absolutely knocked me over with a feather when I got an email and phone call last week telling me that she was one of three finalists and that we would be flying to CHICAGO for two days!  At a dinner there on Friday November 18th we will find out if Lyla won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.  Whatever place she gets, I am so, so proud and so very excited to be a part of such an amazing blessing! She’ll be keeping company at the dinner with two other beautiful-eyed girls from Maine and South Carolina.

Friends, thank you for your votes and your prayers!  Chicago, watch out! Here we come!


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