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Over the years (and I believe I am about to hit year 5 with this blog) I have often written about friendship. And with my experiences these past two years, I am more convinced than ever that genuine friendship is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. With that being said, I want to give you a little background on a friend of mine, Nathalie. I believe it was 2006 when I was working full time at a daycare center in Brentwood, Tennessee and a new teacher walked into the building for her first day. The thing was, she looked really familiar. I may forget names from time to time, but I never, ever forget a face.  I scare people with my freakish memory of acquaintances. Really.

I finally figured out that she and I had worked at Falls Creek (Baptist Church Camp in Davis, OK) a LONG time ago. So there we were, two Okies living in Nashville . . . it was not long before we struck up a friendship. We’ve stayed friends all these years, even after I moved back to OK. Nathalie is a beautifully creative person. She is real and funny. She has created this amazing blog called Afterbelly. I love that name. As a mama, I know there was a point where I wondered, is there life after the belly (pregnancy) and what in the world is that going to look like. Becoming a new mother is scary.

Nathalie and I both share this belief that every one has a story to share. Mamas in particular, you have a story to share. We’re all struggling through this life, through motherhood, through our journeys in faith.  And I know from personal experience that if there is healing to be had, sharing your story can be an important aspect of that. And you never, ever know who needs to hear how God has brought you through something. You never know why could be encouraged by something you have to say. You never know who you could inspire, encourage and challenge.

So mamas, new, younger, older, married, single . . . why not share your story?  Afterbelly has a great feature called Monday’s Mom where moms simply share what’s on their hearts. If interested, please check out the site and contact Nathalie or email me!

Write on!


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