So it’s fall. Ignore that it’s still in the 80s (sometimes 90s) and that here in Oklahoma there’s no reason to carve that pumpkin yet unless you want it to be moldy glob by October 31. It’s fall. The kids have been going through their dress up box already, weighing their costume options and counting the days until they can go door to door begging for candy. I love it.

And in keeping with what we do in our house (i.e Read.A.Lot) I thought I would share some of our favorite fall books and take a minute to update you on our latest reading adventures.

The new Half Price Books opened this week and there went some more of Jonah’s bday moola and my blow money.  Ah, but it was well worth it. We scored some goodies there and at a few garage sales last week. If you want some suggestions for fun Halloween and fall/Thanksgiving books, here are few that we enjoy


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for our Reading Promise – we’re rocking it! We did break the “one book at a time rule.” We’re much too ADD for that I guess. Like his mom, Jonah likes to delve into a couple stories at once. Right now we are working on The Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum and Junie B. Jones – Boo! And I Mean It! by Barbara Park

Happy Fall Ya’ll!


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