Birthday Post for the Birthday Boy – Better Late than Never!

I’ve tried to make it my habit to create a post for my kids when their birthday rolls around each year. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I have THREE kids now, but Jonah’s 7th birthday came and went, and hello – no post. Sorry bud.

So here we go, in honor of my son being alive for seven years – I give you an ode to Jonah.  Ok, not really an ode, but you know what I mean!

Seven years ago I had a pivotal moment – the birth of my first child. Frankly, child-birth was not nearly as bad as I had been told. I found it exhilarating. For someone who loves a good ending, an ending to a long, hot, uncomfortable pregnancy could not have come sooner. What a joy it was to meet my baby boy. I could not stop staring at that chubby (yes, he WAS a chubby newborn!) dark-haired creature. Sigh. C’est Amor.

Here we are seven years later. He’s got long (hairy!) legs and big feet. He loves potty humor and getting dirty. He is such a boy, and I love it. He loves to be read to – and his reading tastes are so eclectic. I am so proud!  He loves to dance, but only at home. He loves to cook and wants to be a weatherman, but not a storm chaser. He says he now likes math and science (my kid? I guess he got skipped over for my no bueno math skills).

He is the most awesome big brother even if he does pester to the point of no return (they will repay you, son. Just sayin’) He is an awesome helper and all-around awesome kid.

Jonah, I love you. You are the coolest. You are smart, kind and important (thanks for those words, Katherine Stockett!) I have enjoyed these past seven years of being your mom and look forward to a lifetime more.  Happy Belated Birthday!


Your weepy, overly emotional mess of a mom


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