Wishful Parking

I need to start with a huge THANK YOU to God for this amazing weather. I, for one, am in a much better mood. My kids are too . . . sort of. I think age two is always on the fence as far as moods go.

I spent a good deal of the weekend tackling the fall cleaning. Specifically, the garage, which has been a thorn in my side since we moved in. The past four years I was spoiled, always parking in the garage and happily loading and unloading children and groceries despite the weather. This was my dream. But sometimes these dreams lack a little thing called common sense.

For three hours today, while the baby napped and the other two watched PBS cartoons, ate endless snacks and basically destroyed the living room, I cleaned the garage. I unpacked box after box of . . . crap. I mean there was a lot of stuff that I obviously had an emotional attachment to at one point. Something about cool weather makes we want to throw things away, and all emotional attachment goes out the window and into the trash bin.

Three hours later, the garage was swept, organized and ready to house the old gray minivan. So I backed out and re-centered the van and tried to pull in.  Uh-oh, the passenger side mirror bumped the wall, and I backed out as carefully as I could. Sure I could get the sucker in there, but there’s no way anyone could get in it. I had a “slap myself on the forehead” moment and realized that was why none of the other neighbors parked in their garages either.

My idealism gets the best of me sometimes.

Jonah watched this whole situation unfold. After I accepted the sad truth he patted me on the back and said, “It’s okay, Mommy. The garage looks beautiful, and when it rains, I can ride my bike around in here!”  I love that kid.

So I got over it, laughed about it and we all went to Chick-Fil-A and then the park. When we got home, I peeked into the garage and smiled. He’s right, it is beautiful!


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