Reading Promise Update

For once I am keeping up with something, and I am thrilled!  I am learning (be it ever so slowly) to relinquish my control-lovin’ ways, because when I let go of that unattainable idea of perfection, things just go better for everyone.

So we have been keeping up with the rules (for the most part!). In honor of Jonah’s entrance into first grade, we read Junie B. Jones, First Grader – At Last!  Junie B. crashes into the world of first grade and experiences a visit to the eye doctor where they discover she is in need of glasses. This was especially cool because Jonah had his first eye appointment last week, and we are happy to report his eyes are stellar!

So after Junie B. we got a little over-adventurous and delved into  The Secret Garden by Frances Hodges Burnett. We got through three chapters and realized that it was a bit too much for Jonah. We’ll get there. Just not yet.  So instead I decided that we would tackle the first of Laura Ingalls Little House series.

We are currently (and happily) reading Little House in the Big Woods. Jonah eats is up. I believe he will have a love of historical fiction like his mama. He is truly fascinated by and seems to be comforted with the lifestyle of the Ingalls family. I imagine he loves their simple togetherness, and I am glad of that.

And minus a few chapters here and there, Jonah and I are nearly finished with Genesis in the Bible. I always seem to forget that minus the chronicles of family lineage, the Old Testament is full of exciting stories. I am anxious for Exodus though!

So on we go on our little adventure.  Happy reading!


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