One year ago, on August 22, I was given an amazing blessing. A true diamond in the rough. A pure ray of love and hope in the midst of a terribly dark time. I, alongside my sister and friends, welcomed little Julia Faith into this world.

Julia is as serious as she is zany. One minute she is carefully observing with her long, steady gaze and the next, erupting in a fit of giggles. She is sure that her brother and sister are here purely for her entertainment. No one makes her laugh harder than Jonah, and she will follow Lyla to the ends of the earth.

She is a laid-back gal with the exception of meal-time. Don’t be late with dinner (or breakfast, or lunch, or snack . . .) or she will let you know of her displeasure will an ear-piercing squall!  Other than that, she just likes to play, to explore, to smile and to enjoy life in general.

She is a snuggle-bug and an open-mouth, no-holding-back kisser, which combined with a head-butt means you’re one of her favorite people.  She is cautious but friendly and a mama’s girl to the core.

Julia, you’re beautiful through and through. You brought sunshine into all of our lives and you continue to do so. I love you more than my own life, Happy first birthday!


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