Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Rarely do I get on a soapbox because there are so many other fun things to do like Twitter or trying to win prizes on Pioneerwoman.com, but I today, I must step up and get something straight.

The newly single thing is weird to begin with because anyone who has a kid, or in my case a few, knows that it is hard to call yourself single when your every waking moment is pretty much consumed with children. If I’m not at work I am always knee-deep in diapers (ew, now that’s a gross word-picture for you!), cooking for my little people and then trying to convince them to eat it, giving baths, reading stories . . . yeah, I am not single, I am quadruple!

With that said, I find that well-meaning friends and strangers alike say the strangest things in reference to my non-existent romantic life and make interesting assumptions regarding my feelings towards the opposite sex in general. People are surprised that I like weddings. This most certainly would not have been the case a year ago, but time does help to heal some, and truth be told, I’ve always liked weddings. I mean, hello, there’s cake.  Just saying. And I think it’s cool to watch two people dive in and make that commitment. In fact, I love marriage. Just because my experience was ultimately not a good one, doesn’t mean I don’t believe in it. Actually, I’m all the more supportive of it. I see now more than ever just how important it is to our society, to our families and to God.

And on the same note, I don’t hate men. All men are created equal, but no two are alike. For every bonehead there are ten amazing men right beside him. Too bad that a few bad apples are all that we see sometimes. Really, I am not a fan of generalizations. In fact, I hate them. I think generalizations are petty and small, and they make us petty and small. We serve an amazing, mysterious, untamed God who is not as predictable as we would hope, and that same God created us in His image, knitting us together in our mother’s wombs as individuals. So if I believe that, there’s no way that I could believe that every man is dufus dead set on hurting people. Besides, I sure don’t want someone making assumptions about me, and as a single mom to three kids, there are plenty to be had!

While I poked at this before, I don’t mind reiterating it – single or not, I am not lonely. There are four people living in my home. Yes they’re all very short, whiney and honestly, smelly. But they’re a joy. My joys plus my job, plus my church family, plus my immediate family, plus my friends, plus the other hundred things whirring in my brain . . . not much time to be lonely. That might change someday. And sometimes loneliness does flutter in and out, but it’s not a reason I would choose to go man-hunting. I’d rather run into a bit of serendipity and let God do His thing.

So there, stepping down now. Just had to make sure you knew because I’m sure you’ve been up at night wrestling with these questions.  😉


3 thoughts on “Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

  1. Wonderfully put! Aren’t you glad that God doesn’t generalize us the way humans tend to generalize others?
    Oh and BTW, while you may not be uber-tall, I don’t think that you are whiny or smelly. 😀

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