Home is Where Your Story Begins

Hi friends!  It’s been two weeks since my move, and while the decor is still cardboard boxes, I am slowly getting us unpacked and settled into our new home.

It was a strange process, clearing out the old place. My middle sister helped me clean it, and I swear I was attempting to wash the bad memories away. It felt like those walls had soaked up all the pain and the heartache. It was very freeing and theraputic to lock that door for the last time and drive away. It was like literally closing the door on that chapter and starting a new book here.

These walls are clean and bare. I am excited and a little overwhelmed to make this place all my own. My own. It is still a process, learning to be on my own. In the past week I have learned to use a weedeater, program a universal remote and set up a wireless router. I was feeling pretty proud of myself until I tried to mow my lawn, and couldn’t even get the dumb thing started. And it all came rushing back to me that I had to figure it out or call someone for help and would I be too proud to do that or would it make me insutrious to google it and then try it again?! I’m on the fence between figuring it out and just finding someone who needs a quick $15 to mow my tiny yard. Sigh

The truth is, I still have a lot to learn.

So, I hope you’ll join me as I continue on this interesting journey. Thanks for reading this and thanks for your encoouragement. I appreciate you all!


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