Home Sweet Home

I am currently looking for a new “home sweet home.”  I live in NW Oklahoma City and I work in Edmond. It’s about 15 miles from my house and unfortunately takes for-ev-er to get to and from each day. Every time I put gas in the mini-van I dream about all the cool stuff I could get with the money I spend on gas or what I could do with all the time I spend commuting – you never know, I might take up knitting or basket weaving . . . or I might iron my clothes more often.  So really, the only solution is to move on up.

But I’m scared. I know, I know – that’s dumb. I have been on my own for a year now. I am fully adjusted to being single again . . . and then again I think of moving. By myself. I have lived in my current place for 4 years. Both the girls came home here as newborns. And this is also where things began to unravel in my marriage, where they crashed and burned. Man, if these walls could talk.

I have been looking for a new place for some time now, and it just has not happened yet. I have not found “the place.” By “the place” I think what I really mean is the place that is good enough to make moving worth it because while I am so ready to have a place untainted by the pain I experienced here, I hate to create any more change in the kids’ lives. It will mean Jonah changing schools and all of us learning new routines, going to new grocery stores and probably a new doctor too. As I am typing this I hear that still, small voice saying, “Remember, I am doing a NEW thing. This is a NEW season. Change is necessary for growth.” And I know He’s right.

I will keep on looking. I have a feeling that God has something good for us – the perfect little place to call home.


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