Two years ago a lovely bundle of girl came barreling into my world, and I called her Lyla. Suddenly my world, which had been ruled by blue, was colored pink. Love at first sight.

A first-born girl through and through, Lyla is as sassy as she is sweet. She loves hard, she plays hard and she throws the most ferocious tantrums imaginable. She is fiercely protective of her baby sister and a wonderful little mama and she loves Jonah and loves to pester Jonah  . . . and Jonah is not her boss, and he best not forget it! 😉

Throughout this tumultuous year full of heartache and change and joy, Lyla has weathered it well and none worse for wear. She is one to watch, mark my words. Lyla loves life and she will make sure it loves her back!  Lyla loves to take care of Jules and all her “babies” – she can (and will) burp anyone and anything. Lyla loves shoes, baths and singing.

Baby girl, you and I are two peas in a pod and already butting heads. I know we have some challenging and wonderful years to come.  You are my beautiful, smart, funny baby girl . . . my big girl.

Happy second birthday Big Sister!  We love you!


Mommy, Jonah and Julia               



4 thoughts on “TWO

  1. Awww it’s hard to believe she is already 2!!! I remember at church she was one of our little ones and she was so sweet. Jared would normally have 2 girls in his lap, Ms. Kilee & Ms. Lyla and he just loved how sweet and innocent they were. Now a year or so later and they are walking, talking, toddlers still sweet but like you say, they can throw their fits!! Hope she had a wonderful birthday!!

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