The Glamorous Life

My good friend Kim always teases that I lead such a “glamorous life.”  🙂  In her honor, I bring you this post of “Glamorous Life Tips” – enjoy!

Tip # 68 – I learned this from Kim actually – well, and then through trial by fire.  :/  Don’t ever, ever get dressed for work too early. Something gross WILL get on your beautiful, clean clothing. Mine? Puke. A lot of puke.

Tip # 578 – I addressed this in a Facebook status earlier this week: Before plopping down on the couch with your favorite book (Currently: The Pioneer Woman – Black Heels to Tractor Wheels), do check the couch for unfinished bananas. They are slimy. They are squishy. They are the devil to get off of your pants!

Tip #21 – Unless you want the bag lady look, rinsing the conditioner out of your hair is a good idea. Also trial by fire.

Tip #43 – Ballpoint pen ink comes off of the Bumbo seat quite nicely with warm water and dish soap.

Tip #8 – Learn to nod and smile when a friend’s child gets into your vehicle and declares, “It smells funny in here!”

Tip # 132 – Mountains of laundry do sort of become part of the decor after a while.

Tip #77 – On the day you finally clean out your purse, someone will ask if you have any crayons and then look super surprised that you don’t. Because you usually do – among other things like a lint roller, dental floss, a shoestring. . . .

My best tip for the day – if you’re not laughing about it, you might be crying. So lighten up!  🙂


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