How’d I ever . . .?

The older I get, the more I have these epiphanies where I say something like, “How have I been getting on all these years without ‘such-and-such’.” Today, for your enjoyment, I submit to you my list of things I don’t know how I lived without!

*Humidifiers. All these years I’ve pooh-poohed the doc’s advice to get a humidifier, just suffering through the winter sickies and horribly dry winter skin all the while. But this year when Jules got RSV, I wasn’t playing around and employed not one but THREE of these handy-dandy contraptions. It definitely took the bite out of our ailments, and I have to say, my skin is looking none too shabby!

*Sour Cream, mayonnaise and buffalo sauce. I didn’t like these condiments as a kid. . . or as recently as a couple of years ago. As I age, my tastes have broadened to include the aforementioned. I got a taste for buffalo sauce while preggo with Jonah, and with each year I like my food more and more spicy.  I have a hunch that this coincides with an ever broadening personal perspective, but let’s not get too philosophical. I mean, really, it’s buffalo sauce.

*Good make-up. When I was much younger and had naturally even-toned, prettier skin, I could get by on the cheap stuff. And then I had babies, and my poor skin along with the rest of me started the downhill slide. My youngest sis started to work for Sephora a few years back, and I have to say that she helped me “see the light” while shedding some light on why the older you get, the make-up from Wal-Mart just doesn’t cut it anymore. So here I am, dutifully washing my face each night, putting on night cream and eye cream and whatever cream to ward off wrinkles and then using primer and something that makes me glow .  . .  all for the sake of not looking like I need makeup. Beauty is dumb!

*An E-reader – I will sing the praises of my Nook – my most favorite gift ever! I don’t lose my place, I don’t leave it who-knows-where to be forever half-read, I don’t have to leave my house (nor my couch) to get a new book. It’s the best. The absolute best.

*Minivan. Oh laugh all you want. I am not a soccer mom, but I love, love, love that my kids cannot touch each other. Nuff said.

And to sum it up – a few things that I have found I can continue to live without (for now).

*An I-phone – it’s a toy. I have enough toys and enough things (or people) to divert my attention. Plus, I don’t need to be on Facebook every waking moment of my life, and I know myself too well!

*A Kitchen-aid mixer. They’re so pretty, so shiny, so expensive. I think I want one so I can feel like a “real” cook.

*GPS. After that episode of The Office when Michael obeys the GPS and drives into a pond, I figured I’ll just stick with Google Maps or (GASP!) a real map.


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