Sniff, Sniff, Hack, Hack

Flu. Flu. Flu. I was sure that getting the flu shot in a timely manner would create some sort of anti-germ force field around our home.  Oh yeah, but they go outside of my house on a daily basis. Shoot. Well, here we are at nearly the exact date as last year, ridden with influenza. And oddly, I am not freaking out.

When kid #2 went down, I called for reinforcements – Mama (or Meemaw to the kids). Knowing she’s coming just makes everything better.  The goal, really, is to keep Jules away from the other two as much as possible. Offering my mom a sweet, smiley baby for a couple of days was like asking Lyla if she wanted to eat chocolate for dinner – DUH!  🙂

With work and all the other craziness/drama surrounding my life, I needed something to slow me down a little.  This wasn’t really what I had in mind, but I guess it is what it is. Now, if I can stay well – we’ll sail through this thing.  Praying, praying, praying . . .

Well that’s all for now folks. I have to get back to my Lysol, ibuprofen and endless laundry. Be jealous!


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