Give a little, Give a lot

I took all three kids with me to the grocery store this afternoon.  As I walked through the doors with one in the baby sling, one toddling beside me and the oldest eyeballing the candy with a fierce intensity I thought to myself, “I am either really brave or really stupid.” And then I laughed out loud.

I like the grocery store. It kind of relaxes me.  All that organization, the Muzak . . . soothes the soul I tell ya. There’s also something about buying groceries that gives me a little jolt of joy. Groceries = full bellies. Thank you Lord for full bellies in a world, yeah even neighborhoods near here, where many bellies are empty every night.  I may not have much in the way of material possessions, but my kids are clothed and fed. Thank you, Lord.

I remember reading My Single Mom Life  by Angela Thomas this summer, and in one chapter she talks about how she hordes toilet paper.  I laughed not because I think she’s nutty, but because I get that.  Having an adequate supply of toilet paper in my house feels good.  Cause admit it ya’ll, there’s not much worse than realizing you have no TP.  Not cool.

Yeah, I do have a truckload of toilet paper in the garage.  Don’t judge me!  🙂

So this post may not be uber-inspiring or extremely well written, but the next time you buy groceries or pull out a new roll of toilet paper, thank God for it.  So many would love to be able to do that without a pang of anxiety rippling through them. Take those opportunities to help those without such basic needs.  A jar of peanut butter here, a pack of TP there goes a long, long way. 

And while you’re at it, here are some local OKC resources for helping out:

Donate to Council Road Baptist Church’s Food Pantry, give a coat to their coat drive through the women’s ministry or help on Thanksgiving morning through Families Loving Families.

Oklahoma City Rescue Mission – give your time or your resources

Hope Pregnancy Centers for women and girls experiencing crisis pregnancies


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