Post Deconstructed

*Today I admitted to myself that all jeans are not created equal no matter how many times I tell myself that they are.  There’s a reason some jeans cost $70 and some cost $20.  Us “curvier” gals really can’t “do” cheap jeans I guess.  Muchos Gracias to the friend who passed on to me a nice pair of transition jeans, yeah, not the cheap kind!  Feeling sassy today!

*I kicked soda to the curb one week ago.  My hips are grateful.

*I am contemplating a haircut.  My hair has finally gotten really long – and pretty wild-looking in my opinion.  To cut or not to cut?  That is the question.  And if I do, I’m tempted to copy some of my friends and get a cute bob with bangs.  Isn’t mimicry the highest form of compliment?

*Jonah has a Dick & Jane book that he got a few years ago as a birthday present.  He likes to read it out loud to me, and I have to be honest.  It puts me to sleep.  “Oh, oh, oh Jane. See Baby. Funny, funny baby.”  What’s funny is that he acts like it the most riveting piece of literature he’s ever laid eyes on.  Am I missing something? 😉

*I bought Lyla a potty seat and some itty-bitty underwear.  I think I’m going to rename Fall Break “The Potty Break.”  Wish me luck folks!

*Seasonal allergies are going to be the death of me if I don’t drown in bottles and diapers.  I’ve got the lovely “balloon head” feeling.  So if this post makes no sense, forgive me. It’s the cold meds typing.


2 thoughts on “Post Deconstructed

  1. Don’t get a haircut. I love your hair. I have hair envy. I love the curly!!!! Besides if its short you have to fix it whereas long can live in the pony!

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