Photo Fridays: Capture 1000 Words Photography

Because I am blessed to know so many incredibly talented photographers, I am dedicating several Friday posts to  highlighting my camera-happy friends and their businesses. Say Cheese!

Personally, my favorite kind of photos are those that capture real life . . . candid, unstaged moments that make you remember the sweet smell of a baby’s skin, the butterflies of a wedding day, the inside joke only sisters could share.  Photographer Jeff Moore of Capture 1000 Words Photography does just that.

Jeff says, ” All throughout school, photographs had a way of speaking to me.  High School yearbook and journalism classes were the only avenue available to learn how to take pictures.  Knowing I would never be the writer, I was always the one behind the camera, and I learned that it was just as important to tell the story through the images as it was with the written word.” He adds, “Each time I pick up my camera, I always look for a story to tell.  Whether it’s the personality of a 4-year-old boy and his football, a flower that has caught the attention of a little girl, the smile from a groom at the front of the aisle or the laughter from a child who has survived cancer –  I want the images to speak to people.  A picture holds a story worth a thousand words.  It’s my dream to capture it.”

Jeff works alongside his amazing wife (and my amazing friend) Syndi, who assists with photo shoots and takes care of editing and graphic design. She says, “I just love the kids . . . when we capture their true personality. The more ornery, the better!!! I enjoy the sweet moments Jeff captures when people don’t realize he is still taking pictures, like when a mom is trying to calm a child down in the middle of a shoot. I also love to get my hands on the pictures and add artistic touches to them. That is a lot of fun for me!”

 Jeff and Syndi recently did a shoot of Julia at 2 weeks. The shoot was fun and laid back. Jeff was patient to wait on diaper changes and feedings and careful to make me feel at ease while he captured the essence of my sweet newborn baby girl. Their new studio in Bethany is small and intimate, full of gorgeous props and backgrounds.

After all was said and done I knew some beautiful shots would come out of that afternoon – take a look for yourself.  Here are some of my favorite shots.

To learn more about Capture 1000 Words or to schedule a session, visit


2 thoughts on “Photo Fridays: Capture 1000 Words Photography

  1. So true about Jeff and Syndi an so beautifully written by Crystal. I have loved knowing Jeff and Syndi for 6 years and watching them grow and improve their business. Their photos of Julia are beautiful.

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