Beat it, Murphy!

Today I definitely got a visit from Murphy. You know him . . . Murphy of “Anything that can go wrong, will.”  The events that unfolded this afternoon are just too crazy not to share.  Don’t feel bad for me, people, learn….learn from my mistakes!

While I am not a pessimist in any form, I did enjoy several of “Murphy’s Laws” here. After today, I would like to add a few.

One – When you need your normally cooperative children to take naps so you can get ready for an important job interview – expect that they will not.  In fact, they will scream. A lot.

Two – On the day of aforementioned job interview, you will get a monstrous (and hopefully incorrect) utility bill, thus further reminding you of your joblessness.

Three – Nice, clean, pretty interview clothes are a magnet for baby puke, and a lot of it. Case in point, my infant who never spits up, pulled an exorcist this afternoon and wretched all over my skirt, down my leg and into my cute wedge shoes. Then the doorbell rang, and yeah, I answered it that way. 

Four – A traumatic day with the smaller children guarantees that the eldest, normally well-behaved child will come home with a horrendous behavior report. Seriously?!

So thanks Murphy, but next time – I’ll be ready!


2 thoughts on “Beat it, Murphy!

  1. Ha ha ha! And I thought *I* was the only one these things happened to! I too had an ugly bill I wasn’t expecting, Coleman peed through a diaper and onto my foot in Sams & then he projectile vomited a kiwi & cheese all over me in Hobby Lobby. Glad this day is in the books. :{
    Hope you’re interview was great!

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