Betta Get a J-O-B!

Sometimes I feel like blogging about the darndest things.  Tonight I am thinking about lipstick, dress shoes and resumes. Oh yeah. In the next few weeks I will be diligently searching for a full-time J-O-B.

While I am not thrilled down to my socks (or flip-flops – whatev) about not getting to stay home with the chickadees, I am excited in a first-day-of-school kind of way about this part of my adventure. I have always enjoyed working. And even though not every job has been fab, I am a firm believer that no matter where you’re at or what you’re doing, you can find something good and find a way to excel. In fact, I think having that kind of outlook allows you to learn all kinds of neat skills that you might never have imagined.

For example, my various jobs over the years, beginning with babysitting at age 11, have left me with a variety of special skills.  I can: 

*Saddle a horse and clean out its shoes

*Change diapers with record speed  (this one sure came in handy when I started having kids! 😉 )

*Make a mean sno-cone

*Make just about any coffee drink and run a commercial espresso machine

*Write lesson plans for two-year olds

*”Fix” a copier, as opposed to kicking it and screaming

*Convincingly write an article about gum disease and sound like I know what I am talking about

And the list goes on and on . . .

So if any of you out there want to throw me a bone, just mention that I am a multi–faceted, highly skilled individual with an incredible work ethic . . . but feel free to leave out the parts about sno-cones and poo.  Any job that requires skills in those areas isn’t really in my radar.


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