Extravagant Love

I haven’t been pregnant for a week now. A week ago I was getting an epidural. (which rocked. Many thanks to the amazing anesthesiologist that blessed me so!) A week ago I was filled with joy knowing that this part of my long journey through one of the darkest and most joyful times in my life was coming to an end and a beautiful new beginning. A week ago my daughter, quickly, pushed her way into the world and caused my heart to overflow to what seemed its breaking point. Oh my, a week ago I finally embraced my sweet Julia Faith.

So many pairs of hands and hearts have walked this road with me these past 7 months, giving a face to the word compassion. It was such a joy to have them by my side as I breathed through contractions, as I loved on my new daughter and dealt with the pain of heartache simultaneously. To have my middle sister by my side as Julia came into the world was a surprise blessing that I am still amazed by. Really the whole experience was an awesome manifestation to me of God’s amazing, relentless love.  He is extravagant in the way He loves.

The day after her birth I sat in my quiet hospital room admiring my new daughter as sunlight streamed in through the open curtains, a song came to mind.  “This is the first day of the rest of your life; This is the first, day of the rest of your life. ‘Cause even in the dark you can still see the light; It’s gonna be alright, s’gonna be alright.”  HOLD US TOGETHER  – MATT MAHER

This morning I feel like I need to make writing thank you notes a full-time job – not out of obligation, but because I desperately want every one of you, my dear friends, my beautiful family, my amazing church to know the depth of my gratitude. You’ve held my arms up when I couldn’t; you’ve bolstered my faith and given me confidence to keep seeking Jesus; you have loved me and my children in a way that some have said isn’t done anymore. Thank You.



4 thoughts on “Extravagant Love

  1. Thanks for making me cry this morning 🙂 I am so happy that you are feeling His love in your life. Praying for His continued blessings on you and your family. Love you girl 🙂

  2. Hey girl! You God who lives in you is amazing! Thanks for letting Him shine in your life. What an encouragement to all those who are blessed to know you! Praying for you and your precious children.

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