So here we are folks . . . a mere 10 days away from the due date!  This past Saturday a throng of strong, opinionated, funny, beautiful women descended on my home with one five-year-old nephew in tow to come deep clean my house. We’re talking steam-cleaning the carpets, mopping, the stove . . . ah, I am still relishing the glorious smell of Pine-Sol and Windex.

After the cleaning was done, my mom and Nanny went back home while my sisters and nephew stayed the night. I love my sisters. The older we get, the more we seem to appreciate each other, and laugh.  We laugh a lot. We also eat a lot.  It must be said that the weekend included a trip (finally!) to Big Truck Tacos . . . heaven on a tortilla and Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino ice cream. Sigh. Anyway, they pulled out all the stops bringing Juno and Baby Mama to watch. Because what says nesting like hilarious preggo-themed movies?!

So half-way into Baby Mama I become uncomfortable with some contractions. The contractions start to get consistent and out come my sisters’ cell phones to time them. 10 minutes apart for an hour and Heather says, “Go walk the stairs.” To which I reply, “But I want to watch the movie!” Savanah chimes in, “C’mon let’s have the baby this weekend while we’re here . . . go walk the stairs.”  I refuse. This movie is really funny! Halfway into hour 2 of contractions I finally concede and walk to the stairs.  Man, are they always this steep and foreboding?  I turned to my determined siblings and said, “If I am walking them, so are you!”  I wish I could have freeze-framed that moment of all three of us trudging up and down my stairs, laughing, until I got really tired of the whole deal and declared, “No more! I want to watch a movie.” 

Sadly, the contractions went for 3 hours and then stopped on a dime. There was much disappointment. But, good news!  If she has not made her appearance by next week, she is scheduled to make her way out (with a little help) on Thursday the 26th. Ready to meet Miss Julia!


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