Bookie Wookies

One plus to being pregnant during a summer heat-wave from Hades is that whilst the children run around the living room, freely destroying every pang I took to clean it, or while they’re napping (because all that destroying take a lot out of you) or once they have finally gone to bed . . . I grab two things in this order: chocolate and a book.  Sometimes a Dr. Pepper if one is handy. 😉

So I thought I would share my reviews of some of the books I have read this summer.  Enjoy!

When visiting my baby sister, Savanah, back in June we went to Grapevine Mills mall in Grapevine, Texas.  I love the Mills malls.  Yes they are huge, but they have fabulous outlets for Carter’s, Osh-Kosh, etc . . . and lot of stuff I don’t need – like gelato. Anywho, we were browsing in Books-A-Million waiting for Jonah and his uncle Kyle to get out of Toy Story 3 I found this book  My Single Mom Life by Angela Thomas. I had no idea how inspiring this book would be. This book challenged me to not only take the high road through the pain of divorce, but to grab hold of the truth that God has a hope and a future for me and my kids.  We won’t be crippled; we’ll heal. We can walk out of the ashes and trade them in for beauty. I read this and thought, “Wow God. We (as in YOU and me) we can do this.  Let’s do this.”  This book is uplifting. It’s real. It’s candid.  It just rocks.

Moving on to selection #2 – Every Last One by Anna Quindlin. Thanks to my dear friend and fellow blogger, Mandy, I have become an Anna Quindlin fan. To the point that I get all defensive when others don’t particularly like her books or her style.  She’s not your run-of-the-mill novelist. While I hesitate to say she doesn’t believe in happy endings, I would say that she doles out more realistic ones. I don’t know if it’s just me, where I am in my life . . . I like that. Don’t get me wrong, I love my share of happily ever afters tied up with a pretty bow, but I really like an introspective novel. As with her other novels, the story did not fail to surprise me, shock me, draw me in to a point of co-dependancy. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but I was literally lunging for the book as soon as the kids were in bed each night.  Which could explain why my house was so dirty that week. Ah, well.

#3 is The Help by Kathryn Stockett our current selection for Book Club. She’s a new author to me, and I feel like I missed the boat or something with this book.  Everywhere I go – the library, an aunt’s house, Target . . . someone is talking about this book.  I finished it in about 5 days. And yeah, I think the book is a winner. Stockett manages to tell a riveting story through three different women – who are all a protagonist in their own way. It’s set during the beginning and works into the height of the Civil Rights Movement is the deep South of Mississippi, well know for deep-seated racism and Jim Crow laws. One young white woman from a well-to-do family who owns and lives on a cotton plantation sets out to tell the stories of the help, the black maids of various families in Jackson, MS.  I think this story points out the truth that one person can have a signficant impact on a community, that one courageous act, authenticity and honesty really can change the world – even if it’s only the one you live in.


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