“Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.” E.B White, Charlotte’s Web

Oh it’s here.  It’s finally here. No, not the baby.  But, IT as in the final stretch, the light at the end of the tunnel (literally for Julia, ha ha) – the final month.  And could it be any hotter?  I’m not complaining.  Just sayin’.

This part of the pregnancy always makes me think of Christmas. Even now as an adult, I adore the magic of Christmas eve.  It would kill me to try to sleep on Christmas Eve when I was a kid.  The anticipation would just about ruin me. I feel that way now.  It’s not just that I am big, hot, tired, etc. I want to see her. I want to hold her in my arms, to kiss her fingers and smell her hair. I am ready to meet this little miracle face to face.

I get asked, often, “Won’t you miss feeling her kick inside of you?” Sorry, but no.  Really. It hurts. A lot. Or some say, “Well at least you can sleep now.” Yeah right. I haven’t had a good sleep in ….months. I am a back sleeper.  Sleeping even for an hour on my back will feel like eons to me. Shrek and I share a motto on this whole baby deal, “Better out than in I always say.”  🙂

The reality is, I know that being a single mom to three kids is going to be tough, to say the least. But it’s about that time. I’m armed with prayer, flocked with help and confident that God really has prepared me for such a time as this. Maybe that’s also why I am so anxious for her arrival too – I am ready to move forward. Steady on.

So, for now I bid you goodnight!  I am 35 weeks – only 5 more to go unless Miss Julia plans on making a slightly early appearance.  Godspeed Julia Faith!


One thought on ““Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.” E.B White, Charlotte’s Web

  1. I can’t wait to meet this sweet baby girl either, you are as prepared as someone can be for the challenges that lie ahead. Most importantly you aren’t afraid to reach out for God’s help or the people He has placed in your life. You are one special lady and one terrific mom and friend. I am blessed to have you and your children be a part of my life.

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