Book Club

I think I should get some sort of nerd prize because I am part of an actual book club. You could be impressed and assume that our book club, dubbed “Bookworms are Sexy” (cause they are!) is a highly intellectual group that nods seriously with glasses perched on the bridges of our noses as we discuss things like protagonists, theme, color imagery. 

That would be fun to assume . . . but it’s just not us. Nope.  Most times half of us don’t read the book or don’t finish. Or some of us don’t like the ending and try to convince others not to complete the book! We wrangle toddlers, feed infants, sip coffee, eat bacon (if we’re lucky enough to meet at Jimmy’s Egg) and eventually, we talk about the book.  In fact, I think the word protagonist might have come up at our last meeting!

With all that said, I heart my book club.  They are smart, sassy, funny, and in some cases “pretend-mean”  🙂 They are my friends. I love you girls!

Our next pick: The Help by Katherine Stockett 




Happy reading!


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