Updato on my Kiddos

Every once in a while I like to bring you all up to speed on the never boring, always messy and sometimes just downright gross exploits of my wee ones.

Jonah, the eldest, is wrapping up his final weeks of pre-k, much to his dismay. Okay, and mine too – I admit it! Seriously, the kid bugs me practically all morning asking, “Is it time for school yet?” Usually he starts to ask this around 9:30am . . . school starts for him at 12:30pm. I don’t know if he is: a) eager to learn b) eager to be free of helping me with his rascally baby sister c) bored at home or d) all of the above.  I choose D! He is absolutely ecstatic about all day kindergarten this August. I am excited and sad. My baby . . . my first  . . . with like, homework and stuff? Going on real field trips? Eating in the cafeteria?!  It’s too much!  In other news, his reading skills are zipping right along, although I have to get on the ball with these sight words.

Lyla is one. Glorious one. I realize now that Jonah spoiled me with his easy-going, compliant nature as a toddler. Not much rattled his cage.  He would contentedly sit on the floor and play quietly, let me rock him to sleep, didn’t really throw tantrums . . . and no, I didn’t think “Oh what a great mom I am!” I thought, “Well I guess is how my kids are.”  Then Lyla came along just to show me how wrong I was.  She is sweet, don’t get me wrong, zany, a smoochy little bundle of cute, but DANG this girl can switch on the tears, the throw-herself-on-the-floor tantrums and the attitude in a heartbeat. She keeps Jonah and I on our toes. I never thought I’d hear my son say, “No no Lyla, no slapping…no scratching….no biting!”  Dynamite does come in small packages. So other than flitting between delighting us and making us crazy, Lyla is a walking wonder – she just got up one day and decided to go for it, and has literally been running everywhere since.  She’s increasingly verbal; the newest words in her repertoire are “Hello,” “Bye-Bye,” “Mama,” and  my personal favorite, “Oh WOW!”

Last but certainly not least is the bun in the oven, Miss Julia, who already has me looking huge. People honestly look confused when I tell them my due date, which is cool. I get it. Just please… please… don’t ask if I’m sure there’s just one in there. Yes, I am sure.  Julia is a mover, reminds me a lot of my pregnancy with Lyla. If I am sitting or lying down, she’s having a party. I love it! We are 25 weeks now with 105 days to go! Let the countdown begin!  I am ever so thankful for the cooler than normal May weather and hope it keeps up throughout the summer, but then again this is Oklahoma, so who am I kidding? 

Well, folks – that’s all she wrote.  At least for this time.  Family who I never see – I pray this finds you well. We love you much!


Crystal, Jonah, Lyla and Miss Julia


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