Field Trip Follies

Today was a milestone in Jonah’s educational journey – the first field trip.  He’s been talking about this field trip to Orr Family Farm in Moore, OK for the past month . . . fretting over the weather – Will it rain?! Will it be too windy . . . will there be a tornado?  The last one sounded a little hopeful. Five year old boys are wierd. He’s fretted over his sack lunch – “Get me a lunchable (i.e. nasty processed meat & cheese, a few crackers, a Capri Sun and a Reese’s cup for almost $3) ppllllleeeeaaasssseeee!” So after a month’s worth of reminding me that it was finally here, it was finally here. And the weather could not have been more beautiful.  Yay, God! 

We had to be at school at 8am.  I forgot that kids go to school that early. *yawn!* After signing our kids in and handing over lunches, we were ushered out onto the playground to help the pre-k teachers wrangle 36 4 & 5 year olds.  Scary. No, really. 🙂  I got the pleasure of taking 4 little girls to the bathroom when I stupidly announced to Jonah’s teacher that I needed to go – I always need to go. The four girls tra-la-laed into the restroom fine and kept asking one another through the stalls, “Are you in there?” and giggling.  I love little girls.  We washed hands and marched out the door when I noticed that my four girls had become three.  Sheesh. *M had dashed out of my sight to go ask the other teacher for something.  I caught her in the nick of time and nudged her outside.  The co-teacher rolled her eyes and said, “That one’s sneaky.” So I started the say by almost losing a kid. Awesome! We got the kids loaded on the bus, and Jonah absolutely beamed! I didn’t cry.  

Aren’t you proud?  Then the bus took off like a bat out of hades, and I barely got Lyla in the car in time to follow it.  30 minutes later we arrived at the farm, and I must say – it is one cool place. Very clean, very family friendly and lots to do.  I can’t believe I’d never been there.  

 The rest of the morning was filled with playground time, eating (Lyla and I ate lunch like an hour before anyone else did – we couldn’t help it!), a train ride, eating (fudge from the gift shop – AMAZING) and a carousel ride.  Can you say tired?  Yeah, we were tired. And full.My sweaty children fell into a peacful sleep on the ride home, and I came home and . . . blogged? Something is definitely wrong with me!


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