The Virgin Mary had a baby boy

Undoubtedly, the miracle of the virgin birth is a BIG one.  It’s amazing, mysterious and absolutely impossible to imagine.  Mary was so young, so unlikely and had such unfathomable circumstances for such a strange first pregnancy.

Any of moms knows the wonder and excitement of discovering you are with child, especially with your first.  There’s so much you don’t know, some fear, some anxiety . . . is everything really okay in there?  Now imagine being told be an angel (who was sure to be a crazy sight!) telling you, a teenage girl betrothed to someone, that you are going to carry and give birth to the very son of God, the Word, the Messiah.

She’s one I most definitely want to meet in Heaven.  I just have to know, what was it like?  Don’t you wonder?  While I could go on and on with all my wild notions of what a pregnancy carrying Jesus Himself could have been like, I like to refer to the renderings of artists throughout the ages.

I absolutely love paintings of Mary and Jesus.  So here are some of my favorites…enjoy!  And take the time this Christmas to ponder the wonder of this miracle and re-read the story of Christ’s incredible birth.


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