There’s a lot of Thanks in Giving

It’s Sunday morning, my favorite day of the week.  Normally, I would be out the door by now and on my way to church, but not today.  Poor Lyla has been hit with the flu again plus an upper respiratory and ear infection, so Jason took the boy while I care for baby girl. That aside, I am sitting here in my semi-dark living room with our pretty little tree twinkling in the corner from atop its baby-proof perch 😉 and I am pondering all that I am thankful for.

I know, I know – all the “thankful” posts have already been done before thanksgiving, but I just feel so immensely blessed and with cooking my first Thanksgiving, there just wasn’t time to compose something readable.

This year was my first time to host any kind of Thanksgiving meal in my home.  We have a very small one with a total lack of parking, so we kept it small – just us, my folks and our dear friend Evelyn and her Yorkshire Terrier, Monty.  My mom and I got to cook the whole meal together while Dad handled the turkey and Evelyn brought a few things.  And, it was prefect.  The food was delicious, everyone was smiling and laughing.  My little sanguine heart was so darned full I just wanted to burst.

Before our meal that afternoon – Jason, Jonah and I went up to our church to participate in Families Loving Families. We, along with a large group of volunteers, delivered meals to those less fortunate all over Bethany and in OKC.  We delivered meals to two families.  I’ll be honest, they were poor.  Really poor.  It wasn’t the first time I had been exposed to real poverty.  I had friends growing up and even some family who sometimes didn’t know where the next meal let alone the next paycheck would come from. I remembered that although I did not grow up in a Christian home, my parents taught my sisters and I that you don’t pity those in need, you help them – however you can.

It was awesome to see my son not recoil from these people he did not know on Thanksgiving morning; he didn’t notice the front door with a gaping hole covered with cardboard and masking tape or the smell of a home that had not been cleaned in a very, very long time . . . no, he smiled and said, “Happy Thanksgiving!”  It was awesome to see my husband earnestly pray for their needs and to encourage them.  It didn’t make me thankful that I wasn’t “them” . . . any of us could be “them” – alone, penniless, lost. Come to think of it, I’ve been one or the other at some point.

No, it made me thankful for my family, thankful for the amazing church that I belong to for serving this way, thankful for Jesus and His amazing grace, His matchless love that I can’t begin to understand but that I embrace wholly. Thankful that for me, He became lonely, penniless but never lost. For me He was rejected and died.  For me, He came back, just like He said He would.  For me, He offered forgiveness for my sorry state.  For me, He gave me a new life.  For you, He did all this.  For me and you and them and them and them.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed one.  I hope your Christmas is wonderful too . . . filled with love, hope and of Christ.


One thought on “There’s a lot of Thanks in Giving

  1. To be a blessing. That is the mission. May our children take that mission around their world. I am thankful for you more and more every day.

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