Friday’s here, and I have too much going on in my busy brain to tack down one consistent line of thought leading to what else but random thoughts?!

*If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  Such a great motto.  Especially as it pertains to getting small children to try new foods.  I made avocado puree for Lyla mixed with some squash, and I am happy to report that there was no gagging, spitting or scrunchy-faced anger.  Just smiles, lip smacking and gulping.  She is her mama’s girl.  I love me some guacamole!

*I think I saw 50 statuses about New Moon today.  I considered getting all crazy and going to the midnight showing, but I guess I don’t love Edward as much as I love the Pioneer Woman. She was worth a 4.5 hour wait, a movie – not even close. Guess I’m not a tried and true “Twi-heart.”

*Lyla turns 8 months old in four days. In the course of a week she began crawling forward, pulling up on everything and sprouted a tooth.  *sniff* My baby’s growing up . . . oh and she has also sprouted a spanking new attitude complete with tantrums and crocodile tears!  Awesome!  An older woman in the grocery store looked at me sympathetically as Lyla howled after I took my (chewed on) grocery list away from her.  Lord, thank you for making children cute.  I’m just sayin’.

*Since we’re on the subject of kids . . . Jonah has already begun to school his sister in the ways of mischief.  This afternoon was supposed to include a long, luxurious nap for the kids so I could relax too.  Instead, what I am listening to is the sound of Jonah singing to Lyla his made-up song about how “they” don’t like naps and how “they” can’t wait for daddy to get home so they can get up. And she’s giggling.  Yup, I’m in big, big trouble with these two!

*We’ll be visiting Ryan, America this weekend.  Home of the cowboys.  It’s my baby sister’s wedding shower.  Man, I loved my wedding shower.  If only I could go back and help myself register for things I really needed.  Jason registered for a beach ball and we got it.  Nice.  I quickly learned a lesson there: Never let your significant other run off with the registry gun in target.  Like Forrest Gump says, “You neva know whatcha gonna git.”

Okay time to go release the young ones from their beds and get ready for small group.  Have a fabulous weekend!  🙂


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