Fabulous Firsts and Fall (I love alliteration)

Ah, it’s old outside.  Thank you, Lord. Really!  Maybe it’s a first child thing or a persnickety thing – but I really, really like for the seasons to change when they are “supposed” to.  I think that living in Tennessee made me a very spoiled girl in that respect. So when the cold, gloomy weather arrived Sunday night – you didn’t hear any complaining from me, just a “yippee! Fall is finally here!”

Now I get to really put away the unflattering summer clothing and pull out the forgiving sweaters.  Yes.  Can I get an amen?

Moving on . . . what a crazy couple of weeks it has been, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the holidays. Babies have a way of pushing all the turkey-basting, gift-wrapping, party-going craziness to the back of your mind and replacing it with attempting to baby-proof an entire house in a very short period of time without losing your mind. Oh, and joy – just the pure joy of seeing the delight in the eyes of a child who has had their first taste of freedom  . . .

Last Tuesday, Lyla crawled (forward, that is) she’d been doing the backwards boogie for a couple of weeks already.  Yesterday she pulled to standing on her own, this morning she cut her first tooth.  I don’t know who’s more tired, her or me?

My motto for today:  “Life’s a mess – roll in it!” Borrowed that one from my parents’ cow-pie loving dogs.  I know.  Ewww.




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