For Today . . .

This post idea was snagged from Amber and the Simple Woman’s Daybook.

Outside my window… dark.  It’s late. 

I am thinking… that I need to go to bed, really.  But being up and alone, listening to some classical music is so nice.  Not as nice as sleeping, but close.

I am thankful for… my kids and my husband.  I just love them to death.  I really do.  They bring such sweetness to my life.  While I’m thinking about it, I need to figure out what to put in the JOY stocking for them this Christmas . . .

I am wearing… black pants and a red t-shirt.  Simple is my middle name.  Okay, not really.  Ann is my middle name, but isn’t that about the most simple middle name you can have?  Rambling . . .

I am remembering… Tennessee.  I always want to be there in the fall. 

I am going… to Dallas this weekend to have a girls’ weekend with my mom and sisters.  This is a first!  It’s my mom’s 51st birthday.  We are planning on cooking her dinner and who knows what else?  I am praying for it to be a time of joy, healing and laughter.
I am reading… a biography of Julia Child.  I hated the book Julie & Julia (and loved the movie, go figure) and found myself intrigued with Julia’s life.  It’s pretty good so far.

I am hoping… to get serious about losing weight.  I have zero excuses and loads of apathy. 

On my mind… Thanksgiving.  It is going to be different this year.  We are participating in Families Loving Families and hoping to make that a tradition.  We’re also having my parents over for the first time to eat, just us and them. I am looking forward to cooking dinner with my mom!

From the learning rooms… I got Jonah’s first report card, and man have those changed!  Bottom line: we have a lot of work to do, but he is making good progress.  I see LOTS of phonics in our future and sight words.

Noticing that… I don’t miss the TV.

Pondering these words… “To Love another person is to see the Face of God.” Victor Hugo – Les Miserables.  I have heard this quote a million times since that is one of my favorite books.  Hugo had a really incredible understanding of God’s grace, and I believe he was most definitely talking about Agape love in this quote. 

From the kitchen… I am debating what to make for dinner tomorrow night.  Mondays are Financial Peace University, and Jason’s cousin, Summer, comes to eat and watches the kids while we go to class.  I like to make something extra yummy since she is technically allowing us to pay her with food.  I’m thinking chicken….something with cheese??
Around the house… I am wishing (and praying) for more energy and motivation to keep it up.  It seems like every time I get it looking and smelling halfway decent, I turn around for a moment and it’s dirty again.  My mother says that’s just the way it is when you have small kids.  I think she’s right.  I also think that when we are debt free I am going to budget in Merry Maids.

One of my favorite things~ is the wedding quilt my grandmother (Nanny) gave to Jason and I when we got married. It’s beautiful – navy blue, butter yellow and white.  There’s something lovely about homemade quilts. They seem warmer than other blankets.  I like to think that’s because they are made with love.

From my picture journal…

This one has an appetite for life!



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