Butternut Squash, Baby

So a week ago I purchased this monster a butternut squash, weighing in at 5 lbs. It’s a favorite of babies, usually a first food as it has little chance of any allergic reaction. I got some Gerber first for Lyla to try because preparing this bad boy was a 2 hour job. She loved it, so on my last grocery trip, I purchased this – and got an odd look at the register. Guess they don’t sell a lot of them?

Today, I pulled out my squash, which I lovingly referred to as the Veggie Tales character, Little Jimmy who was also a butternut squash. I got a big ole knife and hacked him in two.

Next, I scooped out all of Jimmy’s guts (poor guy) and put the oven on 350˚, put the halves face down on a cookie sheet and let him bake for 50 minutes.

Oh yeah, and Jonah did dishes (for real!!!) When Jimmy was finally done, I let it cool a bit and then started scooping out the flesh (ew, that sounds awful) into a bowl.

 I then added a little water and began making puree in the magic bullet and then put into ice cube trays.

The result? Two quart freezer bags of butternut squash cubes and three baby food containers of it for this week. I’m feeling all domestic divaish . . . watch out ya’ll! I have made some other baby food, and this has been the most time consuming by far (approximately 2 hours plus cleanup). And at .68 a lb, it cost me about $3.40 for 20 servings!


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