I Love Being a Girl



I saw this book at the libray The Daring Book for Girls and had to get it. It is more wonderful and fun than I could have imagined!  It celebrates the every girl – the bookworm (Moi), the drama queen, the princess, the athlete, the tom-boy, the adventurer, the best friend, etc. It’s almost a history of all the wonderful things about American girl-dom minus cat fights, gossip, big (bad) hair, texting and Facebook drama.

I never thought I would be fortunate enough to be blessed with a daughter, and now that I have one you best believe that I am going to cherish every moment. I want Lyla to do what this book encourages, to be daring, to get out and do things, to look beyond what she sees right in front of her and imagine. Even more, I want her to dare to have faith in Jesus.  To love the Lord with all her heart.  You know, to be weird. 🙂

Here is what the book says every daring girl should have (aka – the essentials):

Swiss Army Knife, Bandanna, Rope and Twine, journal and pencil with a backup pen, hair band (ponytail holder), bungee cord, flashlight, compass, safety pins, duct tape, deck of cards and a good book and patience.

I think I need some of those things!  However, I would add the following to that list:

chap-stick or lip balm, bobby pins and hope.

Other favorites from this book:

  • The Rules of Basketball & Softball (with illustrations!) – What a help this would have been to me in gym class. Some of us are visual learners; we really do need to read about things first!
  • How to play Four-Square – this was one “sport” I loved.
  • A history of modern princesses
  •  How to put your hair up with a pencil
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Slumber Party games
  • A history of women inventors and scientists
  • Words to impress
  • First Aid
  • Books every girl must read

Jason and I also checked out The Dangerous Book for Boys, and that’s a whole other post.  Jason got that look in his eye as we read through it which tells me two things A) he will be scouring halfprice books for a copy and B) Jonah is in for a world of fun! 

I am reminded of how fearfully and wonderfully made we really are (Psalm 139). I am excited to celebrate Jonah’s boyness and Lyla’s girliness. (I realize those don’t look like real words, but I was feeling it, so deal.) 😉 I am loving the frilly dresses and the holey jeans, the pink and the blue.


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