School Daze

Today was a big day in the Z house. Okay so it started out kind of ick what with the battery dying in the Crapper, Oh I meant the Cruiser.  🙂 At 12:15, all four of us crammed into Jason’s 97 Chevy Cavalier and drove to Jonah’s first day of school.  In my opinion, it wasn’t really the first day since we stayed there the entire time for orientation. So I can do my crying tomorrow.

We arrived at Jonah’s new school and spilled out of the clown car into the humidity. I plopped Lyla into her sling, and away we went!  It was sort of surreal stepping into an elementary school. I have always loved school.  The smell of books, pencils and glue. The walls adorned with big bright letters, bulletin boards and PSA literacy posters. The sounds of children’s high-pitched voices, shuffling papers and the clacking of heels on linoleum. It takes me back!’

Let me say that Jonah’s classroom is awesome.  I wanted to stay and play! Jonah looked at me like, “You mean I get to come here and play with this cool stuff – everyday?!”  Yes, it is pretty cool. As we were guided through the dizzying maze of snack calendars, dropoff/pickup policies and school supplies – it hit me.  My baby is going to school. No, I did not cry.  I think I am still in shock.  I almost laughed when I saw the sign-up sheet for Room Parents and PTA.  My mom was in PTA.  I am now walking in her shoes . . .  although we opted out of PTA. We’re not ready for that drama, and with PTA there is always bound to be drama.

So here’s to us, parents of kids attending school for the first time.  We have entered a new leg of the journey, may your map be colored with Crayola and decorated with stickers.  🙂


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