Cause You Gotta Have Friends

After the great Harry Potter disappointment, I hesitated to get very excited about seeing Julie & Julia. And as it usually happens, when I don’t allow my expectations to get too high, I am thoroughly impressed. Julie & Julia was funny, smart, inspiring and intriguing. People clapped during the credits. No kidding!  It made me want to go home and cook, and blog and put the book Julie & Julia on reserve at the library.

So there’s the review. The best part of the movie was that I went to see it with two good friends, Leeann and Karen. I had not seen Karen in several years. She and I were roommates for a short time in college. Leeann and I see each other every once in a while,but never sans kids. Speaking of, collectively – Karen, Leeann and I have 7 kids. Wow! I was a little giddy today waiting for it to be time for our girls’ night to the movies. As I might have mentioned before, making new friends has not been the easiest thing since moving back to Oklahoma.  Maybe it’s my age. Maybe I’m too busy. Maybe it’s me . . . who know, but it’s been tough. It was lovely to sit down with two friends who I spent massive amounts of time with in my younger days and literally just pick right up where we left off.

Throughout the course of the evening, most of which we spent swapping birth stories, and with 7 kids that took awhile, I began to feel an incredible sense of gratitude for these two. I have missed them! It was fun to laugh, to rib each other, to interject and interrupt. It was funny to realize that not ten years ago, none of us were married, none had even a thought of having kids, we were all thin and fabulous.

Sigh. It’s even more humorous to realize how we took that all for granted. As Jason always says, youth is wasted on the young. I say, youth is a state of mind. And tonight, it really did sort of feel like we were all 20 again.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You, too? Thought I was the only one.” – C.S. Lewis


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